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The HDC Compiler Project

The objective of the Higher-order Divide-and-Conquer compiler project was to investigate the automatic parallelization of divide-and-conquer recursions. The programming language used is a subset of the pure and higher-order functional programming language Haskell, but with an eager semantics to enable parallelization. Important combinators, especially various kinds of Divide-and-Conquer, are expressed as predefined skeletons. The parallel target code is in C+MPI. The compiler is itself completely implemented in Haskell.

The HDC project was part of the DFG-funded project RecuR2 (Regular Concurrency in Recurrences 2) of the Chair for Programming at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science of the University of Passau.

People who contributed to HDC

Christoph Herrmann, Christian Lengauer, Robert Günz, Jan Laitenberger, Christian Schaller, Andreas Keilhauer


Christoph Herrmann


Current activities

Our activities are directed towards a compilation system for skeletons based on metaprogramming.
Christoph Herrmann
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