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		  author={Sergei Gorlatch},
		  title={Programming with Divide-and-Conquer Skeletons:
                         An Application to {FFT}},
		  journal={J. Supercomputing},

               This paper studies the systematic development of parallel programs,
               starting from divide-and-conquer algorithm specifications.
               The contribution of the paper is two-fold:
               (1) we classify divide-and-conquer algorithms, and provide a
                parameterized family of parallel implementations for an important
                subclass of divide-and-conquer, called DH (distributable homomorphisms);
               (2) we adjust the mathematical specification of the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT)
               to the DH format and thereby obtain a generic SPMD program, well suited
               for implementation under MPI.
               The target program includes the efficient FFT solutions used in practice --
               the binary-exchange and the 2D- and 3D-transpose implementations -- 
               as its special cases.}

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