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"A structured approach to parallel programming allows to construct applications by composing skeletons, i.e., recurring patterns of task- and data-parallelism. First academic and commercial experience with skeleton-based systems has demonstrated both the benefits of the approach and also the lack of a special methodology for algorithm design and performance prediction. In the paper, we take a first step toward such a methodology, by developing a general transformational framework named FAN, and integrating it with an existing skeleton-based programming system, P3L. The framework includes a new functional abstract notation for expressing parallel algorithms, a set of semantics-preserving transformation rules, and analytical estimates of the rules' impact on the program performance. The use of FAN is demonstrated on a case study: we design a parallel algorithm for the maximum segment sum problem, translate the algorithm in P3L, and experiment with the target C+MPI code on a Fujitsu AP1000 parallel machine. "

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