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 author     = "Christoph Armin Herrmann and Christian Lengauer",
 title      = "Transformation of Divide & Conquer to Nested Parallel Loops",
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 keywords   = "divide-and-conquer, equational reasoning, Haskell, 
               parallelization, skeleton, space-time mapping",
 abstract   = "We propose a sequence of equational transformations and specializations 
               which turns a divide-and-conquer skeleton in Haskell into a parallel loop 
               nest in C. Our initial skeleton is often viewed as general 
               divide-and-conquer. The specializations impose a balanced call tree, a 
               fixed degree of the problem division, and elementwise operations. Our goal
               is to select parallel implementations of divide-and-conquer via a 
               space-time mapping, which can be determined at compile time.  The 
               correctness of our transformations is proved by equational reasoning in 
               Haskell; recursion and iteration are handled by induction.  Finally, we 
               demonstrate the practicality of the skeleton by expressing Strassen's 
               matrix multiplication in it."

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