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 author       = "Christoph Armin Herrmann and Christian Lengauer",
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	         Implementation of Functional Languages",
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 keywords     = "size inference, Haskell, parallelization, skeleton, 
 abstract     = "We propose a method for the static derivation of symbolic size
                 information about the length of nested lists in functional
                 programs. This work facilitates reasoning about the index 
                 space of a nested list structure which is more flexible than 
                 the hypercubic index space of an array and also more flexible
                 than the polytopic index space of an affine loop nest.
                 Our interest in size inference stems from the desire to 
                 optimize target code which is generated in a program 
                 parallelization. Each nesting level of the list structure is 
                 represented by a size expression which is parametrized by its
                 enclosing indices.",
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