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  author = 	 "Christoph Wedler and Christian Lengauer",
  title = 	 "On Linear List Recursion in Parallel",
  journal = 	 "Acta Informatica",
  year = 	 1998,
  volume = 	 35,
  number = 	 10,
  pages = 	 "875--909",
  keywords = 	 "functional programming, linear recursion, parallelization,
  abstract = 	 "We propose a classification for a set of linearly recursive
		  functions, which can be expressed as instances of a skeleton
		  for parallel linear recursion, and present new parallel
		  implementations for them. This set includes well known
		  higher-order functions, like Broadcast, Reduction and Scan,
		  which we call \emph{basic components}. Many compositions of
		  these basic components are also linearly recursive functions;
		  we present transformation rules from compositions of up to
		  three basic components to instances of our skeleton. The
		  advantage of this approach is that these instances have
		  better parallel implementations than the compositions of the
		  individual implementations of the corresponding basic

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Because of copyright restrictions we can only supply a previous version which appeared as Technical Report MIP-9712, Fakultät für Mathematik und Informatik, Universität Passau, June 1997. You can obtain the journal paper from the Web site of the journal or by asking the authors for a reprint.


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