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  author = 	 "Christoph Wedler and Christian Lengauer",
  title = 	 "On the Parallel Implementation of a Generalized Broadcast",
  booktitle = 	 "17. GI Workshop ``Parallel-Algorithmen, -Rechnerstrukturen
		  und -Systemsoftware (PARS)''",
  pages = 	 "129--139",
  keywords = 	 "broadcast, scan, parallelization, proofs",
  abstract = 	 "We prove the correctness of optimized parallel
		  implementations of a generalized broadcast, in which a value
		  b is distributed to a sequence of processors, indexed from 0
		  upwards, such that processor i receives g^i b (i.e., some
		  function g applied i times to b). Its straight-forward
		  implementation is of linear time complexity in the number of
		  processors. This type of broadcast occurs when combining
		  scans with an ordinary broadcast. The optimized parallel
		  implementations we describe is based on an odd-even tree and
		  has logarithmic time complexity.",
  url =		 ","

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