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  author = 	 "Christoph Wedler and Christian Lengauer",
  title = 	 "Parallel Implementations of Combinations of Broadcast,
		  Reduction and Scan",
  booktitle = 	 "Proc. 2nd Int.\ Workshop on Software Engineering for
		  Parallel and Distributed Systems (PDSE'97)",
  year = 	 1997,
  pages =        "108--119",
  keywords = 	 "functional programming, linear recursion, parallelization,
  abstract = 	 "Broadcast, Reduction and Scan are popular functional
		  skeletons which are used in distributed algorithms to
		  distribute and gather data. We derive new parallel
		  implementations of combinations of Broadcast, Reduction and
		  Scan via a tabular classification of linearly recursive
		  functions. The trick in the derivation is to not simply
		  combine the individual parallel implementations of Broadcast,
		  Reduction and Scan, but to transform these combinations to
		  skeletons with a better performance. These skeletons are also
		  linearly recursive.",
  url =		 ","

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