Feasibility of Comparing FOSD approaches

Empirical Comparison of FOSD Approaches Regarding Program Comprehension - A Feasibility Study


Download thesis as pdf (~10 MB)

Source code

CPP version of the MobileMedia SPL (zip)
CIDE version of the MobileMedia SPL (zip)

HTML versions of the source code:
CPP version
CIDE version

For converting the source code into HTML files, we used an Eclipse plugin, which can be found at: http://www.java2html.de/eclipse.html

Programming Experience

Since we our subjects were enrolled at a German university, we administered the questionnaire in German: German (pdf)
An English version can be downloaded, as well: English (pdf)


The tasks can be downloaded here

Follow-up Experiment: Do Subjects Use Colors?

We used a simple IDE, similar to the browser setting (see HTML versions of the source code). It is available for Linux and Windows.
Linux (used for the experiment)

Logfiles of participants' switching behavior:
2011 (Replication)

Grid Template of Collaboration Diagram subjects had to fill out in one static task (S1).
Grid Template

Descriptive statistics of sample, correctness, and response time (pdf)
Comparison of response times with subjects of first experiment (pdf)

Follow-up xeriment. Do Colors Scale?

Details of the experiment can be found at http://fosd.net/fc

Additional Material

Material of the experiments, including the programming-experience questionnaire, the tasks, and results of statistical tests are summarized here.

Raw data


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