The Team


Picture of Sven Apel

Prof. Dr. Sven Apel
Office: IM 122
Phone: +49 851 509 3225


Picture of Eva Reichhart

Eva Reichhart
Office: IM 130
Phone: +49 851 509 3071


Picture of Mitchell Joblin

Dr. Mitchell Joblin

PhD Students


Picture of Vander Ramos Alves

Prof. Vander Ramos Alves

Student Research Assistants

Picture of Verena Bader

Verena Bader

Picture of Sebastian Böhm

Sebastian Böhm

Picture of Julian Breiteneicher

Julian Breiteneicher

Picture of Bastian Fleischman

Bastian Fleischmann

Picture of Elisabeth Griebl

Elisabeth Griebl

Martin Gruber

Martin Gruber

Picture of Christian Hechtl

Christian Hechtl

Picture of Florian Heck

Florian Heck

Picture of Sofie Kemper

Sofie Kemper

Picture of Stephan Lukasczyk

Stephan Lukasczyk

Former Members

Picture of Jens Dörre

Jens Dörre

Picture of Wolfgang Scholz

Wolfgang Scholz

Former Visitors