Preliminary Program

Keynote: Patrice Godefroid (Thu 09:00-10:30)

Session 1: Composition and Interfaces (Thu 11:00-12:30)

Perla Velasco Elizondo and Ndjatchi Mbe Koua Christophe,
Deriving Functional Interface Specifications for Composite Components

Antonina Danylenko, Christoph Kessler, and Welf Löwe,
Comparing Machine Learning Approaches for Context-Aware Composition

Andre Rauber Du Bois,
An Implementation of Composable Memory Transactions in Haskell

Session 2: Joint Session with TOOLS (Thu 14:30-15:30)

Jean-Rémy Falleri, Simon Denier, Jannik Laval, Philippe Vismara, and Stéphane Ducasse,
Efficient Retrieval and Ranking of Undesired Package Cycles in Large Software Systems (paper from TOOLS)

Simon Bliudze and Joseph Sifakis,
Synthesizing Glue Operators from Glue Constraints for the Construction of Component-Based Systems

Session 3: Aspects and Features (Thu 16:00-17:30)

Maarten Bynens, Eddy Truyen, and Wouter Joosen,
A Sequence of Patterns for Reusable Aspect Libraries with Easy Configuration

David Lorenz and Victor Trakhtenberg,
Pluggable Aspect Instantiation Models

Ali Gondal, Michael Poppleton, and Michael Butler,
Composing Event-B Specifications - Case-Study Experience

Keynote: Software Composition 2011 (Fri 09:00-10:30)

Klaus Ostermann,
Does Software Composition Work?

Keynote: Marie-Claude Gaudel (Fri 11:00-12:00)

Session 4: Short Papers & Applications I (Fri 12:00-13:00)

Joseph Porter, Daniel Balasubramanian, Graham Hemingway, and Janos Sztipanovits,
Towards Incremental Cycle Analysis in ESMoL Distributed Control System Models (short paper)

Constanze Deiters and Andreas Rausch,
Assuring Architectural Properties during Compositional Architecture Design (short paper)

Axel Legay, Saddek Bensalem, Andreas Griesmayer, Rongjie Yan, Lavindra De Silva, and Felix Ingrand,
A Formal Approach for Incremental Construction with an Application to Autonomous Robotic Systems

Session 5: Applications II (Fri 14:30-15:30)

Sébastien Limet, Sophie Robert, and Ahmed Turki,
Coherence and Performance for Interactive Scientific Visualisation Applications

Annie Ressouche, Jean-Yves Tigli, and Oscar Carrillo,
Toward validated Composition in Component-based Adaptive Middleware