Jan 2, 2008:

11:39 PM LooPo/GCC edited by grosser
Remove forgotten sentence (diff)
11:38 PM LooPo/GCC created by grosser
First public discription of LooPo GCC
11:18 PM LooPo created by grosser
Add initial discription for LooPo. I don't like questionmarks behind …
9:46 PM WikiStart edited by grosser
Correct spelling (diff)

Dec 30, 2007:

5:46 PM Changeset [3857] by groessli
Some fixes to linear Diophantine equation solving: - Check that zero …

Dec 28, 2007:

9:25 PM Changeset [3856] by groessli
Fix weak echelon matrix computation for matrices with zero columns. …
9:22 PM Changeset [3855] by groessli
Export new function composeAffine :: Num a => …

Dec 17, 2007:

1:45 AM Changeset [3854] by groessli
Strong echelon form computation and minor additions for quasi polynomials.
1:44 AM Changeset [3853] by groessli
Remove the redundant FromNum? constructor of data type Polynomial a.

Dec 16, 2007:

3:06 PM WikiStart edited by groessli
2:47 AM Changeset [3852] by groessli
Correct a signature
2:46 AM Changeset [3851] by groessli
Add a datatype for "proper restricted extended Tarski formulas" and …
2:41 AM Changeset [3850] by groessli
Shlightly improved algebraic number arithmetic by computing resultants …
2:38 AM Changeset [3849] by groessli
Comment out use of GHC >= 6.8.1 only time functions
2:28 AM Changeset [3848] by groessli
Lots of experimental changes to CAD computations.
2:24 AM Changeset [3847] by groessli
Adapt exports to the fact that LMath.Types.Polynomial.Roots depends on …
2:19 AM Changeset [3846] by groessli
Rewrite of some of the real root isolation functions. Always use …
2:16 AM Changeset [3845] by groessli
Replace the deriving Read instance declaration by a Parsec-based …

Dec 12, 2007:

5:19 PM Changeset [3844] by larres
The edges are now also annotated with the EdgeID and the StatementID, …
1:12 PM Changeset [3843] by classen
- Replaced the LoopData? variable "ldTileSizes" by "ldRawTilingVector", …
1:09 PM Changeset [3842] by classen
- Added a command line option for the HOC type (previously, …

Dec 10, 2007:

11:08 AM Changeset [3841] by hauschil
autoconf/make rewrite: * port changes from r3834 * port cahnges from r3836

Dec 9, 2007:

10:44 PM WikiStart edited by grosser
Add Project LooPo GCC (diff)
4:32 PM Changeset [3840] by groessli
Export LMath.Numbers from LMath (and minor documentation updates in …
4:12 PM Changeset [3839] by groessli
Weak echelon reduction and determinant computation for matrices over …
4:09 PM Changeset [3838] by groessli
Pass the exact division function as a parameter to the implementation …
4:02 PM Changeset [3837] by groessli
A new module for utility functions concerning integers and rationals. …
5:09 AM Ticket #25 (Configure fails without libX11.so in the library path) closed by grosser
fixed: Yes, now it works for me. Thank you: Fast and good work! ;-)
1:23 AM Changeset [3836] by hauschil
autoconf/make: we were checking for X but did not add X_LIBS to …

Dec 8, 2007:

6:57 PM Ticket #26 (Configure with --with-gmp piplib does not find libgmp) closed by grosser
fixed: Thanks for this fast fix. It is working now.
6:10 PM Changeset [3835] by groessli
Implementations of extended euclid and a variants that computes the …
5:44 PM Changeset [3834] by hauschil
autoconf/make: configureopts were not properly passed on to pilib's …

Dec 7, 2007:

10:46 PM Changeset [3833] by groessli
Function 'coefficient' to extract a specific coefficient of a …
10:41 PM Changeset [3832] by grosser
Add another version for (Free)BSD changing following commands: mkdir …
9:58 PM Ticket #26 (Configure with --with-gmp piplib does not find libgmp) created by grosser
Compiling with […] but piplib does not find libgmp. […] …
6:11 PM Ticket #25 (Configure fails without libX11.so in the library path) created by grosser
Trying to run configure fails: […] Interesting part of the …
5:03 PM Changeset [3831] by groessli
Pseudo division with remainder for entire polynomials and, based …
2:46 PM Changeset [3830] by hauschil
autoconf/make: backport changes from r3829: fix calls to cloog/piplib …
2:42 PM Changeset [3829] by hauschil
autoconf/make rewrite: * Add SWT, ClooG, PIPLIB * Update TCL/TK (as in …
2:03 AM Changeset [3828] by groessli
Preliminary implementations of periodic numbers and quasi polynomials.

Dec 4, 2007:

10:53 AM Changeset [3827] by classen
Tagged the new stable version of TaskLoops? (version 0.3). Changes …

Dec 3, 2007:

6:05 PM Changeset [3826] by groessli
Add configure options --with-tclconfig= --with-tkconfig= to tell …
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