Getting LooPo and Related Software


  • LooPo is not under active development any more.
  • If you want to try LooPo, the easiest way is to use the shell script This script will download LooPo and required libraries (omega, polylib, piplib) to the current directory and install them. Change the variables (at the top of the script) to adjust the install location and where the tcl/tk/swt libraries can be found.


A code generator for semi-algebraic domains (i.e., domains with polynomial bounds).

Information for LooPo Developers

Go to CheckingOutAndCommitting for how to checkout and commit using Subversion. LooPo team members/developers can find more information at DevelopingLooPo. See LibrariesForLooPo for a discussion on how Piplib, PolyLib, Omega and Barvinok are installed.

Some theses related to LooPo and some internal documentation can be found at (note: may not reflect the current state of the implementation).

For working on Polly and LLVM, see PollyDev.

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