CADGen is a prototype implementation of a code generator based on cylindrical algebraic decomposition.

The current release (released 2009-09-30) is version 0.1: cadgen-0.1.tar.gz Please note that CADGen is a part of HsLooPo (the Haskell modules for LooPo); therefore, the CADGen source release includes some source code which is compiled during installation but not used by CADGen.

Documentation (including build instructions): cadgen-0.1-manual.pdf

To build/use CADGen, the following software is needed:

Note that GHC, Alex and Happy are packaged with some Linux distributions. For example, in Ubuntu 9.04 they can be installed with

  apt-get install alex happy ghc6 libghc6-parsec-dev

(HsLooPo needs the Text.ParserCombinators.Parsec Haskell modules).

For your convenience, the following binary packages (32-bit i686 Linux) can be downloaded from here. The binaries should run on 64-bit x86_64 Linux, too.

For questions, suggestions, bug reports etc. please contact Armin Größlinger: armin.groesslinger (a)

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