Notes on LLVM development

Notes, tipps and tricks on LLVM development are collected at LLVMDevNotes.

GIT repositories for Polly and LLVM branches

Our local git repositories for our branches of Polly and LLVM can be found at the following addresses. User names and passwords are the same as for the LooPo SVN.

Note that the repositories are mainly for storing and exchanging our local branches; they are not mirrors of the official Polly and LLVM repositories (the master branches of Polly and LLVM are merged into our branches from time to time to keep them in line with the upstream projects).

The repositories offer read-only access for anyone; write access requires authentication.

Making GIT recognize our server's certificate

Currently, the certificate authority which issues the certificates for our server is not recognized by git, so one should either set the environment variable GIT_SSL_CAINFO to point to uni-passau_cachain.pem or use

  git config http.sslCAInfo .../uni-passau_cachain.pem

to tell git about the certificate chain. The file uni-passau_cachain.pem contains the necessary chain of certificate authorities (current on 2011-09-08); the authoritative source for the certificates is (maintained by DFN).

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