The Polyhedral Library (PolyLib for short) operates on objects made up of unions of polyhedra of any dimension. The current version (5.x) is a merge of Strasbourg, Rennes and BYU Polylib.

The main datatypes used are Matrix and Polyhedron for which conversion functions exist in HsLoopo in CppInterface.hs.

For debugging purposes in C-files, it can be very useful to print the corresponding enequation system for a Polylib-{Polyhedron} in the form that can also be read as input by various tools (like Barvinok or !Polylib itself). The corresponding function call is:

   Polyhedron_PrintConstraints(file, P_VALUE_FMT, p)

where file is of type File* (and can be used with stderr) and p is the polytope that is print.

Note that P_VALUE_FMT is used as a format string to use printf for GMP-integers.

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