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Prof. Dr. Martin Griebl

University of Passau
Department of Informatics and Mathematics
Programming Group
Parcel address: Universität Passau, Innstraße 33, 94032 Passau, Room 103
Letter address: Universität Passau, 94030 Passau
Phone: ++49 / 9931 / 951-220
Fax: ++49 / 9931 / 951-218
E-mail: griebl@fmi.uni-passau.de
PGP: ElGamal public key for gnupg

Activities and interests

I am interested in program optimization, especially automatic parallelization, compiler construction, especially program analysis, as well as programming languages and programming methodology.

Since I prefer model-based optimizations, the most important technique for my work is parameterized (integer) linear programming, currently extended to non-linear optimization.

All the theoretical results are to be found in the papers; for testing these theoretical results we use our project LooPo in which we implement a prototype of an automatic parallelizer that integrates our model-based program optimizations.

Recent Academic Service:

List of Papers (by topics):

Habilitation thesis

Parallelization for the GRID

Non-linear parameters

For Loops


HPF Compilation

Loop Carried Code Placement

Array Dataflow Analysis

Functional Programming


While Loops

Furthermore, you can find a list of all recent papers of our group.